Dear Cannelle Customers, Please be aware of some major changes this holiday season!
Due to the unprecedented nature of this holiday season, mainly due to Covid-19 and social distancing, Cannelle will take new measures to expedite its services and also protect the health & safety of its customers and staff.
With the expectation of heavy traffic before Thanksgiving, we are encouraging you to place your orders ASAP & most preferably on-line.
There will be no restrictions on orders placed prior to November 15, 2020. However, starting on November 16, 2020, we will have a new menu with limited items.
Please note that on Wednesday, November 25th & Thursday, November 26th we will not be serving any sandwiches and specialty items- i.e., cappuccino, Latte, etc.
This year we are going to be faced with unique challenges and with your help and cooperation we can make it all work for the betterment of all.
We would like to wish you a wonderful & safe holiday season